Zoning Administrator

Zoning Administrator

Duties and Responsibilities of the Township Zoning Administrator

  • Administration and interpretation of the provisions of the zoning ordinance.
  • Enforcement of all provisions of the zoning ordinance, including identification, processing and issuance of all necessary notices or orders to insure compliance with said provisions. Upon finding that any of the provisions of this ordinance are being violated, the zoning administrator shall notify in writing the person(s) responsible for such violations, indicating the nature of the violation and ordering the action necessary to correct it. The zoning administrator shall order discontinuance of illegal use of land, buildings, or structures; removal of illegal buildings or structures or of illegal additions, alterations, or structural changes; discontinuance of any illegal work being done; or shall take any other action authorized by the zoning ordinance to ensure compliance with or to prevent violation of its provisions.
  • Receipt of applications for, and issuance of, certificates of zoning compliance in accordance with the provisions of the zoning ordinance. The zoning administrator shall have the authority to grant Certificates of Zoning Compliance and to make inspections of buildings or premises necessary to carry out duties in the enforcement of the zoning ordinance.
  • Inspections of property within the Township as required by the zoning ordinance or which are necessary to enforce the provisions of the zoning ordinance. The zoning administrator may engage the assistance of other persons, agencies, officials or consultants as deemed necessary by the zoning administrator in making such inspections, subject to approval of the Township Board.
  • Maintain official records of applications, certificates, notices and other correspondences for which the zoning administrator is responsible under the provisions of the zoning ordinance.
  • Provide an annual report to the Township Board and Planning Commission which summarizes the activities of the zoning administrator.
  • The zoning administrator shall not refuse to issue a permit when the applicant complies with conditions imposed by the zoning ordinance. Violations of contracts, such as covenants or private agreements, which may result upon the granting of said permit, are not cause for refusal to issue a permit.

Rodney Nanney

Zoning Administrator

Available by phone, email or appointment.
Please call 734-483-2271 or email Rodney@BuildingPlace.net

Have a complaint? An Ordinance Violation Complaint Form is available for Township residents. If you have a complaint regarding a land use, building, or zoning code violation please fill out the form and submit it to the Township Zoning Administrator.

Certificate of zoning compliance forms, complaint forms, and other correspondence for the Zoning Administrator may be delivered to the Zoning Administrator:

Via U.S. Mail to: Rodney Nanney, PO Box 464, Whitemore Lake, MI 48189
Via Fax to: 734-661-0509
Via the secure drop box at the Township Hall