Consent Judgments

The following is a list of consent judgments entered into by Bridgewater Township Board of Trustees with various parties to resolve disputes as a result of lawsuits either brought by or filed against the Township.  A consent judgment is the contract of the parties entered upon the record with the approval and sanction of a court of competent jurisdiction which cannot be nullified or set aside without the consent of the parties thereto, except for fraud or mistake.  Consent judgments have the same force and effect as any other judgment. Because the agreement of the parties waives exception to irregularities in the proceedings occurring prior to the time of agreement, appeal from a consent judgment is limited to attack for mistake, fraud, or lack of jurisdiction.  Since a consent judgment is contractual in nature, it should be construed as a written contract.

Bridgewater Township vs. Adrian Sand & Stone, Inc; Clinton Sand & Gravel, Inc.

Bridgewater Township vs. Tetra Tech

Washtenaw County vs. Bridgewater Township Zoning Board of Appeals (Ervin-Stucki Nature Preserve)

Washtenaw County vs. Bridgewater Township (Riverbend Nature Preserve First Amended Consent Judgment)

Mission Statement

The Bridgewater Township Board of Trustees adopted a mission statement at its December 20, 2006 meeting: "To provide our constituents a people-focused approach to public service built upon the simplicity and efficiency of rural government where all public bodies work closely together to be more responsive to the public's needs."

January 28, 2007 1:18 pm

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